Square Point of Sale (POS) App Reviews

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Very good but....

Very good simple pos perfect for my coffee shop, but please make it compatible with the star micronics printer M-POP


I use square for my biz. And every update there is always issues. Time to ditch this program. Nothing but problem.


Pretty kool but has some bugs. Once the bugs are wiped from the app ill b using this app all the time aha.

Love it

I use it in my clinic and it works great, thanks !

Horrible experience beware!

They all of a sudden help my money to review my companies information. After that was sent they sent me an email saying our team has reviewed your information and we are deactivating your account and your funds will be released on 3/1/2015 (90 days). That is unfair because I even sent them my invoices and every bit of information they need and now tht funds was suppose to be used to pay my supplier! Great way to ruin business and the worst part is you cannot reach anyone on the phone, no customer care, no help and thats it my money is gone till March 2015 and now my business is affected. I wish they can at least call my company or bank to confirm these information, at least leave a contact number where we can retrieve our funds! This is hard earned money and they just hold it because they are suspicious of high risk activity when they have every bit of my companys information. This worries me how is it legal for them to do such actions. I got there number by some random company that I called (chase paymentech) and explained what was happening, a kind lady gave me two numbers and these two numbers only have a message stating if you need any help visit our website! And my money is held by them and they still dont even contact me to state a proper reason!


Worst app on the market, not to mention the terrible customer service. They ask for all my information and personal info like bank number and social insurance number "to verify who I am" before allowing me to accept credit cards. After handing over all my info they declined my request. And theres no way to contact them and fix the problem. So I made an account and released all my personal info for absolutely nothing!!!! That makes me furious. This app seems like a scam. Dont download this garbage.

Doesnt work worldwide

Unfortunately Square doesnt work worldwide as advertised. Tried contacting them but no answers. Disappointment!

Stay clear

This is very difficult to try and get it working. They want ur sin number they say to verify u, DONT GIVE IT TO THEM!! They also run credit checks on u without ur permission even though u are not applying for credit. I also found they check out & use info from ur Facebook account if u have one. Ive also heard from friends who said that they were ripped off. Square took money from the purchases & then never turned it over to the seller like theyre supposed to. So the bottom line is that u just have to hope that they decide to give u the money ur owed. Do u wanna take that chance?

Rip off!!!

They are charging me money for every time I open the app; no transactions! $0.49 every time. Do not use this App!!!

Awesome BUT

I love my square, payment transactions are simple and inventory modules, everything about the square is EASY!!! Please allow me to use Square for my Canadian web site for orders. The only down fall for Canadian business.

Very Happy

Overall it is a great app. The only problem is the square reader does not process debit cards, or cards that are both credit card and debit on it.

Square: Champion of Small Businesses!

This app has obviously been designed by developers who understand the struggles of small businesses just to get paid securely without the crushing risk-aveseness of the banks. It is also fully accessible to those of us using VoiceOver on iPhone or iPad. Full marks!!!

Support optimization

When is 6 and 6 plus support coming

Very impressed

I have used the Square for three months and I am impressed with how easy it able to capture my sales and the deposits are there in 2-3 days. The reports are detailed and provide more information than I need. Its economical and improves my cash flow which is important for me. I was sceptical at first but its more than proven it self. Well Done Square.


I really like this app. It is so easy to use and the sales reports and invoicing make it really easy to collect for our services.

Works very well

Its really a must have, but they should add in a further update the confirmation numbers when you swipe a credit card

Great product

Wow, so easy to setup and use, customers get a receipt send right to their email, so convenient. Thanks for the great product!

No iPhone 6 support

Great service. However, would be nice to see compatibility with the iPhone 6.

Rename the app!

App seems to work ok not great not bad does what it needs to do


Works perfect to my business and money goes into the bank the next day. Love it.

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