Square Point of Sale - POS System (Register) App Reviews

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Could be better

I sell at farmers markets and use this to take cc and track inventory and sales. Square in general is really great for all that, but there are a few tweaks to the app that could make it way better. Why isnt the phone version the same as the tablet version? I love the tablet register, but have to use my phone at markets without wifi, and it takes forever to scroll through the massive list of items I have for each sale. Super annoying. Also why cant I look at my sales on the phone version? The checkout process could use streamlining. There are too many screens to finish a transaction, especially when Im busy trying to make change and ring up the next person. It just takes too long.

I love it.

I love it. Its so simple and easy to figure out. I love the dashboard info on sales and averages. Its just great. I do wish there was a way to add a customer to a previous sale since I dont always have time to add them before they pay for services. I run a small pet grooming shop and sometimes it just gets too busy to add them as a client and then add them to a sell. I do love the open ticket feature because I can make the ticket on my iPhone and then any of my groomers can check the tickets and charge on our iPad square stand even if Im too busy to do it myself. Anyway the square app really needs to add that feature tho because we would be able to see what we charged last time and go from there. Or at least allow us to search for a ticket by client name or show past transactions under the client profile.



Good app

Works well. Not the best for businesses like massage therapist or hair dressers etc due to the inability to change the tip amounts to dollar amounts, but other than that, its good.

Love this app!

Am very pleased with this app :) one thing I would suggest is that you give us an option to crate a default invoice message!

A major help for a tiny biz like me!!

They make it easy!! And affordable. Any problems they can help, tho I do wish they didnt make u go thru FAQ first. Money goes in to account right away. Im a happy camper with it- after swearing off ccs years ago.

Not good!

I have had nothing but problems with this app. First, they never deposited money into my account and I needed to issue a refund to a customer. Instead of taking the original money, they just withdrew from my account so now Im short double the amount. I tried to call and they NEVER answer their phone. Not good!


LOVE IT!!! For all my businesses

They will hold your funds!!!!!

BEWARE!!!! Google; "Square holding funds" and read some of the hundreds of Horror stories of Square suddenly deactivating your account & holding your funds for 90 days or more!! Almost impossible to get customer support!!! There has been speculation that they put the hold on many accounts funds so they can earn interest on the pool of money!!!

What a scam

I have used square for a couple years. Yesterday I sent an invoice, and the customer paid me. Square sent me an email that they want to verify my account. They had a long list of personal questions about my customer. What business is it of theirs? I would be ok with them wanting to verify me or my account, but I am not about to give them personal information about a customer of mine. Guess I will switch to stripe.

The. Best

Wouldnt use anything else for my merchant account. Fast and reliable.

New update is bad

Love square but latest upgrade removed the send a receipt option. Also now the authorization takes place after the tip screen. This has slowed the whole transaction time.

Record keeping

It would be really helpful if EACH transaction would show the fee amount so I can keep records as I go without having to calculate every time. Thank you!

Hate the update

The new update has slowed the whole process down at my coffee shop. It use to be the transaction was approved before the tip - hand the customer the credit, let them decide the tip, and I already started the drink. Now I have to stand there wait for a customer to decide on the tip amount, wait for the approval at that point, and then pulled the credit card from the dock, hand it back, then start the drink. You may not think an extra 30 seconds makes a difference but over the course of a busy morning it is awful.

Very very good app

This is a pretty easy app to use, the readers are great. Sometimes I have to swipe multiple times which might make a customer think I am double charging... Ive only used it with my iPhone. There are a couple tweaks that would make it more user-friendly but I really like this app.


I went through the whole set up and I did one transaction for $400 and everything was fine and two days later they deactivated my account and they stole the $400 for NO REASON! The actual reason that they gave me was that "I had a pattern of high risk activity" I ONLY MADE ONE TRANSACTION! Again, they charged my customer then they kept the money and theres no way of talking to anyone. I was on hold for two hours and then they hung up on me! STAY AWAY!!! THERE ARE WAY BETTER COMPANIES THEN THIS TOILET! Want hard evidence then Google "Square reviews" and go to the BBB and try calling them and see if they answer.

This is a fraud

I download the app, I was ask for my bank info. And they started charging my acct around 50.00 every month I have to close my acct to avoid the charges, be carefull before you download and sign in

Love this app!

I really enjoy square! Always there when I need it!

How to manager sales in one account for my multi stores in different location?

How to manager sales in one account for my multi stores in different locations?


Not worth downloading and using !!!

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